Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tony Kornheiser

What we have been hearing about Tony Kornheiser, the host of “Pardon the Interruption” which is broadcasted on ESPN, is that ESPN has suspended him. It has been reported that last week Tony Kornheiser made comments about the wardrobe of Hannah Storm during his show. Though he apologized for making his comments yet he has been suspended. One of the ESPN spokesmen said that Tony Kornheiser has been suspended just for few days.

Definitely you have been searching for what Tony Kornheiser said about Hannah Storm’ wardrobe? He said that Hannah Storm was in a very tight shirt he also said that Hannah Storm was dressed a horrifying outfit. To deliver such words about someone is indeed not a favorable thing so that Tony Kornheiser has been facing the music.

Tony Kornheiser said that Hannah Storm looks as she has sausage covering packaging around upper body. He also added that he knows that Hannah Strom is very good and he is not believed to be important of ESPN inhabitants. Tony Kornheiser also said that he will call her a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this instant.

Next day Tony Kornheiser started his radio show and said that he apologizes clearly and he is a sarcastic and seditious chap. He also added that he is in fact not a gnome and he knows that he has no right to pick holes in others personality. He also included he realizes that he did bad, he should not insult Hannah Storm and he is also not allowed to observe how someone is looking like and which kind of clothes someone is wearing.

ESPN did not provide the information regarding the day when Tony Kornheiser will rejoin his radio show.

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